okay like,

fucking be different.

you, and me, and every other single thing on this planet is made out of a different composition of wonderful, beautiful things, each with different traits

traits that make the universe what it is

opinions and thoughts and feelings that make the world not boring


superwholockian79 asked:

Should I watch X files?

superwholockthecomic answered:



  1. Mulder and Scully is the ULTIMATE the ONLY OTP the ship that INVENTED ships okay like you don’t understand love until you’ve watched Mulder and Scully it’s the most lovely and natural and beautiful and equal relationship you’ll ever see on TV okay and every time they even look at each other you will get a heart attack just ugh
  2. It is a GREAT SHOW FOR WOMEN OKAY like Scully is a BOSS and if anyone disrespects her she shuts them down HARD. And the best part? Mulder LETS HER. He never rushes to defend her, he just grins and lets her handle herself. But she’s also vulnerable and emotionally compromised and closed-off and wants to be a mother and is also a huge goof when Mulder is around. And she ends up damseled a lot but Mulder ends up damseled twice as much and it’s just all about them saving each other and working as equals and I have a lot of feelings about that okay
  3. AGENT MULDER. A giant dozy puppy who’s so preoccupied with his work he didn’t even remember to get a bed for his apartment he just sleeps on the couch and who can’t wait to go to work and  argue with his partner every day and is just the most adorable and perfect male character you will ever meet. One time he was so bored while Scully was away that he stuck like twenty pencils in the ceiling above his desk and still tried to tell her he’d gotten a lot done while they were raining down on his head if that isn’t perfection I don’t know what is
  4. It’s twisty and turney and creepy and there’s a good balance between main plot and monster-of-the-week much like Supernatural and even though it takes a while to pick up once it does you will not be able to stop


watch X Files


Do the thing.